Back… Yeah I know.

My blog has been reading a lot like my real life journal might. “Hey… look what I found! My blog! I’ll never leave you again! Here’s to new adventures and me updating every day!!!”

Maybe if I don’t promise anything I’ll become a little more consistent at publishing something here. Right now I’m in the middle of trying to create a blog for the baseball season. A baseball only blog, where I hope to learn something(s) at least weekly about America’s past-time, and the goal of reenforcing this newly acquired knowledge while simultaneously improving my writing skills by posting about everything from the basics (what is an ERA?) to the more complex (sabermetrics, suicide-sqeeze…?) as I learn about them and apply them. Link to come, here we go!

… I feel like Zuck blogging about a new site i’m working on whilst working on it… ok thats a stretch, but you get the idea.

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Crappy Spring Break

The only goals I had for this last week were to finish a couple books (Dragons of Autumn Twilight and Watchmen), establish a solid running routine every day of the week, to catch up on some TV shows, update drafts for my research, and to put out at least 4 blog entries.

Spring break FAIL. I was sick the second half of mid-terms and ALL of spring break. Even now, I’m sitting writing you this wonderful blog entry and coughing my brains out. I’m now mentally preparing to operate with all this pressure behind my eyes and to have a cough for the rest of my life. You probably should too if you’re lucky enough to encounter one of these super bugs.

Over spring break I did get to enjoy a little bit of time with my lovely fiance and worked on our wedding by doing some registration! We also got to see the amazing production of the Lion King at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. My favorite score in a Disney movie is the Lion King. Of course it was fun to see the costumes and hear all of the songs performed, but to me… the moments in between songs where characters were silently moving on stage or lines were being spoken felt like a concert of the underlying musical score presented just for me. Loved it.


The Lion King was the first Saturday of break… The sickness settled in… and the following Saturday was my sister’s wedding. It was an amazing wedding. My mom and all of the people that supported her and Andrew’s family really did a wonderful job. I’ll be uploading some photos as soon as I remember to get my camera back from Nikki and some photos sent from family members.

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Watchmen movie Prep


20% off at my University Bookstore!

20% off at my University Bookstore!

I can’t wait to see Watchmen! If you’ve been living under a rock, or just watching all of your video via Torrents or your TiVo with its handy dandy commercial skipping button, the Watchmen trailerlhas been spotted during many prime-time television shows and events such as the Super Bowl.  They’ve also created quite a believable and interesting viral marketing video, found here.

I just added it to my profile (add me there if you’re a user!).  I’ll update on each profile after I’ve finished the Hugo Award winning book (or is it comic? …. or graphic novel…?) By Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

Have you read this? please comment and let me know what you did or didn’t like about it, and what you expect from the film if you plan on seeing it.

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Favorite TV Intros

I’ve recently realized that I really enjoy a couple TV intros.  I like ones that don’t take a long time, or pull me out of the mood of watching the show… And more to the point, I love intros that really embody the show.

For example when I see these I just want to run out and buy all of the DVDs and watch them all in a row.

I can’t decide which I like more, so I’m going to pull a big time cop out and say each of these are my #1 favorite intro’s for a Drama and a Comedy.

And the winners are…

Best intro for a Comedy:

I just love how snappy and catchy the song is, and the images that coorespond… visually by the end of the intro I’m thinking… “sweet!… where’s the show??”  If you haven’t seen this show and you like this intro strongly consider viewing some of the episodes.  The intro says it all.

Best intro for a Drama:

This intro also just embodies the show.  I never know what to expect when I begin watching a Mad Men episode, and when I see this at the beginning of the show I remember that all of the guessing and speculating I’ve done about what might be happening with the show’s rich and complex characters… I’m probably going to be wrong, so just sit back and take it all in.  Stylistically creative and original as well.

What are your favorites? What do you like in a TV intro?

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“Masculinity Fail”

I’m not one to throw around the “fail” term but I don’t know weather to laugh or to just sit here…. clueless… as I watch.

originally posted under the same title here at a soccer blog I read called theOriginalWinger.

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End of semester/Finals

This has been a crazy semester! After switching my major to kinesiology from political science… I could not be more in love with the potential that this choice has given me.

I have goals, I’m sure like everyone else, to really pick up the slack in my blogging practices.  Since the beginning of these new ‘web 2.0’ tools I’ve been an avid consumer.  However, I think I’ve gone far beyond the point of needing to be a producer as well.

I hope to log my progress in drastically improving my eating habits, and further intensifying my workouts (weights and cardio).

Good luck to anyone else who is going through finals week, or that will be soon… and Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Busy Week!!

It’s been an incredibly busy week! Today is Friday, and while I’m glad to be finished with this week’s lectures, I have a very very packed weekend! I’ve been WAY more active on twitter, and you should totally add me if you feel so inclined!

While I have a lot of homework and studying to do, my plans this weekend are to finish ALL of my laundry, watch a little football, catch up on what I missed from last week’s LDS General Conference, and hopefully get a little design work done on this blog!

Lastly, before I go and get ready for classes, I could not be more excited for the now officially announced laptop event by Apple this Tuesday! I’m almost ready to buy a new laptop now, but I’m wanting to wait to see if I can increase my funding by waiting until after the new year… By which time my birthday and Christmas will have passed. And maybe Apple will be onto a second iteration of their hardware by then. Are you in the market for a new notebook, or do you even need to be to want to buy a new Apple Computer?

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