New iPhone 3G… jury still out for now

I was in line (with the most brave and supportive girlfriend in the world) for the morning release of the new iPhone 3G at the AT&T store in Silverdale, WA.  My general feeling so far is that I could probably be happier with the device.  Mostly because of the battery life… I would expect a few kinks along the way like sometimes it takes me a hard reset to get the maps program and the new GPS system to grab my location, and I can’t seem to get a consistant reading on my “usage stats” witin the settings.  They just seem to dissappear after a couple of hours from being disconnected from my MacBook.  I LOVE the new apps, and the future they do and will bring to the device… but what is the point of any of the new featers if I can’t count on my phone to be alive at the end of the day, or at least until the end of the business day!

I’ll keep my feelings updated here on my blog as my life with the new iPhone progresses!

Lastly, I thought this was funny. … This is where my iPhone map loacated me today…

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1 Response to New iPhone 3G… jury still out for now

  1. Ab says:

    just bought it from ATT Moscow ID 3 weeks ago.
    I went to portland OR this spring break. The iPhone GPS was the reason we enjoyed our trip. Luckily it did not place me somewhere in Europe !
    I didn’t try the first generation but literally the iPhone 3g was the best device I have ever purchased. My only compliant is with the 3g network in Pullman which will soon better because more and more students are using the 3g now.

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