Crappy Spring Break

The only goals I had for this last week were to finish a couple books (Dragons of Autumn Twilight and Watchmen), establish a solid running routine every day of the week, to catch up on some TV shows, update drafts for my research, and to put out at least 4 blog entries.

Spring break FAIL. I was sick the second half of mid-terms and ALL of spring break. Even now, I’m sitting writing you this wonderful blog entry and coughing my brains out. I’m now mentally preparing to operate with all this pressure behind my eyes and to have a cough for the rest of my life. You probably should too if you’re lucky enough to encounter one of these super bugs.

Over spring break I did get to enjoy a little bit of time with my lovely fiance and worked on our wedding by doing some registration! We also got to see the amazing production of the Lion King at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. My favorite score in a Disney movie is the Lion King. Of course it was fun to see the costumes and hear all of the songs performed, but to me… the moments in between songs where characters were silently moving on stage or lines were being spoken felt like a concert of the underlying musical score presented just for me. Loved it.


The Lion King was the first Saturday of break… The sickness settled in… and the following Saturday was my sister’s wedding. It was an amazing wedding. My mom and all of the people that supported her and Andrew’s family really did a wonderful job. I’ll be uploading some photos as soon as I remember to get my camera back from Nikki and some photos sent from family members.

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1 Response to Crappy Spring Break

  1. Erin says:

    you are not the same punk kids from high school. reading that didn’t sound anything like the caleb from back in the day. i’m glad you grew up!

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